Quigley and Watts

Quigley and Watts is a Wellington based company which undertakes research, assessment, reviews, training and consultation in health, education, social and transport areas. VCS took on hosting and maintenance of this site from in house in 2007. We also carried out Search Engine Optimisation to increase site traffic and, ultimately, business turnover. This successful programme delivered results to Quigley and Watts in very short time.

VCS were tasked with keeping the site up to date and, by modernising the structure of the pages and using our own special skills in this area, achieving a far higher rate of visitors to the site in order to generate more business. Later, the website was redesigned and expanded, to a cheerful new look & feel, working closely with the research associates, giving the opportunity to even further improve search engine ranking.

SEO (Search engine optimisation) results made an incredible impact in a short time. Initial assessment on one of their main activities, health impact assessment, showed no results in the first several hundred pages of Google, even when narrowed to New Zealand. This situation improved dramatically within a week of VCS taking charge of Search Engine Positioning and Optimisation. Health impact assessment was ranked 4th in Google New Zealand, only after the main government agencies. Similar results were achieved for two other key phrases.

Our site was decommissioned in 2016, returning full-circle to an in-house web solution.

quigley and watts screenshot